Which sellers need to comply

The policy only applies to home sellers that are listing or advertising a home for sale publicly in any manner starting on or after January 1, 2018 and within Portland’s jurisdictional city boundary.

To confirm that your client’s house is within Portland city limits, enter the address at Portlandmaps and look for “Portland” next to “Jurisdiction”.


Finding Home Energy Scores


As soon as the Home Energy Assessor uploads the data points into the software, the report will be available at the Green Building Registry.

Enter the property address and search. The Home Energy Score record will appear on the left side of the screen.

Scroll down to the bottom of the record and you will see the Green Verification URL which you can copy and paste into any listing service. You will also see a PDF icon which you can click to download and print a copy of the report. 

How to post the Home Energy Score

The Home Energy Report should be easily available and accessible to any prospective buyer. What does this mean? It should be included in any listing or advertising. Include the Score and a link to the report which can be found with a simple address search at the Green Building Registry. In either case, place hard copy print-outs of the report in a location in the house where buyers will see it. Consider the kitchen counter or dining room table.

Posting your client's house on RMLS

RMLS subscribers can auto-populate Home Energy Scores and Report URLSs directly into listings. Using this feature will ensure that both the Score and Report URL can be seen by the general public. Using other fields in RMLS or uploading a pdf of the Report directly to RMLS will not surface the Score and report URL to the general public.

The auto-population process makes it simpler for real estate professionals to include Home Energy Score information on a listing. Check out these step=by-step instructions on how to use this feature.

Helping sellers understand

We have developed this one-page toolkit as a handout for your clients. Please feel free to use the entire document or excerpts of the document in client communications. Those interested in a printable brochure for builders can find it here.

Training resources

For your convenience, online training is available through Earth Advantage and approved for continuing education units. The course costs $10 and a printable course completion certificate is provided at the end of the training. Online Training