STEP 1: Green Building Registry

You don't have to wait for a seller or real estate professional to show you the Home Energy Score and Report for a house. If there is a Score, you should find it in the advertisement for the home along with a link to the full Report. If you don't see a Score or Report link in the advertisement, check on the Green Building Registry. Simply enter the full property address, including zip code. Pro-tip: Look up the address at first and cut/paste the address exactly as it appears there into the Green Building Registry.

Once you locate the Score, scroll down to the bottom of the record and you will see the Green Verification URL which you can copy and paste into any listing service. You will also see a PDF icon which you can click to download and print a copy of the report.

STEP 2: No Home Energy Score

There are a few reasons why certain listings may not contain a Home Energy Score. Mobile and manufactured homes, floating homes and apartments, condominiums or town homes which are stacked one on top of the other cannot be scored with the Home Energy Score tool and so are not subject to the requirement. 

There will also be certain instances where a home might be granted an exemption from having a Home Energy Score, including foreclosure, condemned or uninhabitable properties. These homeowners have applied for and received approval from the City.

In addition, new, not previously occupied homes that are part of the Energy Trust of Oregon New Homes program and have a Energy Performance Score are waived from the Home Energy Score requirement through the end of 2019.

If you want to make sure a listing you are considering does not need to have a Home Energy Score, please email or call 503-823-5771.