Show the Home Energy Score and Report

 The Home Energy Score and Report should be easily available and accessible to any prospective buyer. What does this mean? It should be included in any listing or advertising. If you are working with a real-estate professional, ask for their help. They know what to do.


Reports in the House

Place hard copy print outs of your report in a location in the house where buyers will see it. Consider the kitchen counter or dining room table.

For Sale by Owner

Include the Score and a link to the Report in any online postings, You can find your Report online by entering the home address at the Green Building Registry. Copy and paste the address in the address bar into your listing, include the "Home Energy Score = [your score]" and you are done.

Help from Real Estate Professionals

If you are working with a real estate professional, there is an automated process which makes it easy for them to add the Score and Report to the RMLS listing for your home..

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