STEP 1: Portland boundary

The policy only applies to home sellers that are listing or advertising a home for sale publicly in any manner starting on or after January 1, 2018 and within Portland’s jurisdictional city boundary. Not all Portland addresses are within the jurisdictional boundary of Portland.

To confirm that a house is within the Portland jurisdictional boundary, enter the address at and look for “Portland” next to “Jurisdiction”. If the jurisdiction indicated is "Portland", then the home is a part of the requirement. If the jurisdiction is "unincorporated" or another city, then it is not included in the ordinance.

Don't be fooled by the county jurisdiction of the house. There are homes in both Clackamas and Washington Counties which fall within the jurisdictional boundary of Portland. Always a good idea to check out any Portland address to confirm jurisdiction.

STEP 2: Exceptions, exemptions and waivers

There are a handful of circumstances under which otherwise qualifying homes within Portland's jurisdictional boundary might not be required to obtain a Home Energy Score. Mobile, manufactured and floating homes and stacked units should not be expected to have a Home Energy Score. 

There will also be certain instances where a home is exempt from having a Home Energy Score, including foreclosures, condemned or uninhabitable properties. To obtain an exemption, please submit an application to the City for consideration.

In addition, new, not previously occupied homes that are part of the Energy Trust of Oregon New Homes program and have an Energy Performance Score can obtain a waiver from the Home Energy Score requirement through the end of 2019. To obtain a waiver, please submit an application to the City for consideration. 

STEP 3: New homes

New Homes, homes under construction or pre-construction homes on the market for sale are NOT exempt from the Home Energy Score requirement.

Pre-construction homes can be scored by Assessors using floor plans and data collected from the builder.  Pre-construction Certified Assessors have received special training to conduct these assessments. These Assessors will appear on the Pre-construction Certified Assessor list above the list of all authorized Home Energy Assessors.

If a high performance home has an Energy Trust of Oregon EPS, the builder can apply for a waiver to continue the use of the existing process until the end of 2019.