Why become a Home Energy Assessor?

The City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) is working with Earth Advantage, to create a robust, fair, and open market for home energy assessors. BPS is committed to workforce diversity and to advancing opportunities for historically disadvantaged and underrepresented communities in its work. While BPS has not mandated workforce diversity targets for the City of Portland Home Energy Score, BPS will be working with its partners to create increased opportunities for diverse and historically underrepresented communities in the field of home energy assessment.

By providing the Home Energy Score, you can supply customers with reliable home energy information to help them save money on energy bills and live more comfortably in their homes. If you are an energy auditor, home inspector, or another type of residential energy professional, you can become a Home Energy Score Assessor.
— US Department of Energy

Follow the seven steps

Assessors provide valuable information to home sellers and buyers, who need to know about the energy assets – and associated costs – of a home.

Start to finish, the certification process takes an estimated 4-6 weeks, with a total cost of $625.

You will need an Oregon CCB license for residential contractor, residential specialty contractor license, or residential restricted Home Energy Performance Score Contractor in order to qualify.

Following the seven steps, you could become a part of this new growth industry in less than two months. 

Printable PDF with more info.

Become a Home Energy Score trainer

Real estate and other housing industry agencies are looking for informed professionals to help them get up to speed on the City of Portland Home Energy Score program. Providing training can help assessors build critical business relationships.