Code-built homes

The Home Energy Score program rules allow for code-built new homes to receive a pre-construction assessment, where the Home Energy Score and Home Energy Report are produced based on construction plans. The home builder will need to hire an authorized Home Energy Assessor to produce the Home Energy Score and Home Energy Report prior to listing the newly constructed home for sale. The score and report will need to be included in all real estate listings or advertisements for the home. The Home Energy Report will also need to be available at the site or in a model home.

High-performance homes

New home builders or sellers of new high performance homes using the Energy Trust of Oregon’s EPS™ scoring system may apply for and use a waiver until December 31, 2019. Any new homes listed for sale on or after January 1, 2020 MUST have a Home Energy Score and Home Energy Report and include this information in sales advertisements.

Builder Waiver Image.png

How to get a waiver

Homes must be identified by the six-digit Property ID that begins with an R (RXXXXXX). Property ID numbers are available at PortlandMaps.

Indicate on the waiver request which properties will be subdivided as part of the project.

You may batch multiple newly constructed homes together on a single waiver request.

Please include proof of participation in the Energy Trust of Oregon New Homes program.

Submit requests no later than 10 business days prior to the date of listing the newly constructed Covered Building for sale.

Find more information and apply for a Home Energy Score waiver through our quick and convenient automated online process.

Builders of only high-performance homes

If you are a home builder who builds exclusively high performance homes through the using Energy Trust of Oregon’s EPS™ scoring system, you are eligible for a one-time waiver of all work completed within the program on homes listed before January 1, 2020. Any new homes listed on or after January 1, 2020, are required to post a Home Energy Score and Home Energy Report link in the listing or advertisement for the home.