How to improve your Home Energy Score

Your Home Energy Report includes a list of upgrades for your home which will improve your Score. One of the most common recommended upgrades is duct sealing. What is duct sealing exactly and how can it make a difference in your home?

In forced-air heating and cooling systems, ducts are the pathways that move conditioned air and distribute it to rooms throughout a house. These pathways can contain or develop leaks that allow heated or cooled air to escape before it reaches its intended destination. This can make a heating or cooling system work a lot harder and waste energy in order to deliver the desired temperature in a home.


Properly sealed ducts can increase efficiency by up to 20 percent! They can also make a home more comfortable by consistently heating and cooling different rooms throughout the house. Unsealed or poorly sealed ducts can impact indoor air quality by redistributing common air pollutants such as dust, mold, insulation particles and nuisance odors, throughout the home.  

For simple and easy to access duct work, sometimes a homeowner can complete this work themselves by inspecting for holes and leaks and sealing them with mastic. For more complex systems, a professional may best be able to ensure the whole system is sealed up tight from the heating and cooling source to each end delivery point. Check with your Home Energy Assessor (listed on your Report) about connecting with a contractor or check out the Energy Trust of Oregon contractor list.