City to start charging fines for missing Home Energy Scores

The Home Energy Score requirement went into effect January 1, 2018. Since then, more than 13,000 homes have received a score.

City staff regularly review real estate listings to ensure they include the Home Energy Score and a link to the online Home Energy Report. While a majority of home sellers have complied with the Home Energy Score policy, some listings are still found to be missing the required information.

To date, the City has sent a warning notice to home sellers when their home is observed to be out of compliance. If the listing agent’s email address is publicly available, the City also sends a courtesy notice via email to the agent or their office so that they may assist their client in correcting non-compliance.

Within the next few months, the City will begin issuing fines to home sellers that remain out of compliance. The initial civil penalty is $500, and the City can issue additional penalties if the violation continues.

Homebuyers can use Home Energy Score information to better understand the full costs of home ownership and compare their choices. The report recommends the most cost-effective improvements to save energy – and money – on their utility bills.

Though most homes are required to comply with the Home Energy Score requirements, there are some exceptions. A home must be located within the City of Portland jurisdictional boundaries. Some condo building configurations, mobile homes, and floating homes are not able to be scored and certain homes may be eligible for an exemption. Home sellers who are at or below 60 percent of median household income are eligible to apply for a free Home Energy Score for their home.  

Sample Home Energy Report - Existing Homes_Front.jpg