Listed. Marketed. Advertised. What?

January 1, 2018 is right around the corner and many people are asking which homes need a Home Energy Score starting on January 1. Here’s the short answer – all homes advertised for sale starting on or after January 1st, 2018 need to have a Home Energy Score.

Here is what the Home Energy Score rules say:

“Listed publicly for sale” or “publicly listed” means the act of listing the covered building for sale on the real estate market whether publicly by printed advertisement, internet posting, displayed sign, or through a private database intended for use by realtors or buyers with the purpose to identify and compare real properties for purchase.

It seems that the word “listed” has context in the real estate world which is not directly tied to advertising or marketing a house for sale and this has created some confusion for real estate professionals. When a client signs a contract to “list” a home with a real estate professional has NO relevance to Home Energy Score. What does have relevance is the date on which a home shows up in the market for sale.

This means any home which is on the market through advertisement, internet posting or displayed sign anywhere where other people of any category (public, other realtors, etc.) might see it, in 2017, does not have to have a Home Energy Score on January 1st.

Important to keep in mind, however, if a home advertised in 2017, is taken off the market for a period of time and re-advertised in 2018, this will trigger the requirement for a Home Energy Score. It must remain continuously listed to NOT be subject to the ordinance.

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