Home Energy Scores reveal many opportunities for energy efficiency


Just 6 weeks into the City of Portland Home Energy Score program, almost 1,000 homes have been scored! One trend that’s emerged already is that Portland homes have some great opportunities to affordably improve energy efficiency.

The back side of the Home Energy Report provides recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades which will pay for themselves in energy savings in ten years or less. We’ve seen that it’s possible to improve a Home Energy Score by about three points, just by following these recommendations. That means a home that has a four or five can get to a seven or eight by installing insulation throughout the house and sealing air and duct leaks.

And keep in mind, there are other actions that can be taken in a home to improve efficiency and comfort but may take longer to payback, like windows and solar. These will rarely show up on the Home Energy Report but they could add value to your home and be beneficial in the long term.

Key updates about the City of Portland Home Energy Score from Earth Advantage

From January 1, 2018 – February 12, 2018:

  • There were 873 City of Portland Home Energy Scores created.

  • The average Portland home received a score of 4.4

  • The average Portland home could achieve a score of 7.1 if all cost-effective improvements were made.

  • The average Portland homeowner could save $305 per year through greater energy efficiency.

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City of Portland Home Energy Score requirement begins soon

City of Portland Home Energy Score requirement begins soon

The City of Portland Home Energy Score ordinance will take effect on January 1, 2018, requiring sellers of single-family homes to disclose a Home Energy Report and Score at time of listing. Portland City Council unanimously adopted the policy (Portland City Code Chapter 17.108) in December 2016. This new policy will require people publicly selling single-family homes to obtain a Home Energy Report (which includes a Home Energy Score) from an authorized Home Energy Assessor. Complying with the policy takes two simple steps: getting the Home Energy Score and showing the Home Energy Score in any listing or public posting about the house.

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Do you know your Home Energy Score?

Do you know your Home Energy Score?

The simple answer to this question can help make any house a more comfortable and affordable place to live.

Shown in a simple 1-10 scale (10 being the most efficient), a Home Energy Report can be used to estimate a home’s energy use, the associated costs, and provide affordable suggestions to improve its efficiency.

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